VIP Design day

A day dedicated just for YOU

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An entire working day committed to you and your home.
No distractions.
No wait.

Ditch the long design process that takes weeks on end and let's dedicate a day just for YOU

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve pinned pictures and searched every interior design hashtag on Instagram looking for inspiration to create the look you want in your home.  You think you know what you’re doing.  You spend too much time trying to do it alone. 

BUT…when you bring everything home it doesn’t turn out quite the way you imagined, leaving you filled with disappointment.  You're now stuck and fail to make progress.

Hello frustration.  

Let's spend the day together and get things done.

Business Meeting

What you need is a laser focused plan of action

Spend a whole day with an expert to solve your home design problems. 


Imagine having exclusive access to a designer without the commitment or investment of Full-Service interior design. 


The VIP Design Day

By 31 Homes Staging and Styling

The VIP design day service is exactly what it sounds like. 


A dedicated day (well 6 hours to be exact) for doers and go-getters who wants to get "it" done — with all of the same quality and none of the back-and-forth of a typical design project.   

A quick, easy and accessible interior design solution for DIYers.  My “choose your own adventure” option that gives you valuable time with me so we can work together to solve your design problems and update your home. 


Client-led, designer supported.

VIP Day design service

£ 2500

Non-refundable, paid in advance (upon scheduling).

What to expect:

  • 6 hours of actionable design time with me to solve your DIY design problems.

  • Flexibility and freedom to work with an interior designer on a short-term basis.

  • Professional, expert guidance to help you avoid expensive design mistakes.

  • Peace of mind knowing you can work with a trusted designer.

Our time together is all about action and decisions and those 6 hours are action-packed while we work to update your home. 

We’ll literally work side-by-side (or virtually) to transform your space. It’s the “choose your own adventure” option of interior design.

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How it works?

Still no Sure?

Why not book a free, no obligation, tailored discovery call with me so we can find out what we can do for you.

I understand that sometimes it’s a difficult decision to make the investment.

I won’t give you the hard sell. I’m here to help.  You can book a call straight into my diary using the link below.

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