Styling to stay

Let's start with what you already have within your home.

Interior Design
Create the beautiful home that works perfectly around your young family

Using the Space you have,
The things you already own and love,
And the Budget You choose

Does this sound familiar?

You have lived a happy life in your safe haven for a while now. But with all the new changes and new family needs, your once-perfect home doesn't feel like it's taking on the new changes


You're starting to work out your options. How can we make it to work? The anxiety from all this is not helping at all and it's taking a toll, time, and effort.

But here is the great news. It doesn't have to be this way. You just need some help and professional support and work with you through the process.   

Together, we will create warm and timeless spaces in your home that gracefully becomes part of you and your family.

Modern Living Room
What you need is the best plan of action

to go from this

to this


Our home needs an update but we don’t have the budget for an overhaul

We don't have a playroom. How can we make space for toys and children without making our main living areas feel juvenile?


How can we help our cramped hallway live larger?

We didn't have to spend a ton to update our home. We just found ways to freshen up the furniture which saved us from having to replace it all.

We managed to incorporate furniture that allowed for mobility and multi-use activities. It works so much better now for everyone. 

Our hallway now brings on the personality and now feel less staid and wasted

and so many more possibilities ...



By rearranging what you already have, then recommending the right lighting, flooring, paints, and window coverings, all of which stand up to today’s busy lifestyles.


Together, we will work on practical advice on the use of colors and styles, as well as affordable DIY changes that are possible for your home.


At the end of the day, the goal is to create a beautiful home that expresses your personal style while staying within your budget.

Styling to Stay
design service

2hr Initial Walkthrough

Consultation only


Full-Service option
starts at

per room

  • A carefully thought-through design plan that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

  • A custom design plan to make sure your room design reflects you and tells your story

  • A floor plan drawing to show how your design will look

  • Revisions as needed to make sure you’re happy with your design

  • Priority inclusion of the furniture and pieces you already have before adding anything new 

  • Regular communication and updates throughout your project

  • A celebration meeting to walk through your completed room design and create a “punch list” of any issues that you’d like me to address

Grey Sofa

What you can expect

Still not Sure?

Why not book a free, no obligation, tailored discovery call with me so we can find out what we can do for you.

I understand that sometimes it’s a difficult decision to make the investment.

I won’t give you the hard sell. I’m here to help.  You can book a call straight into my diary using the link below.

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