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Your home: The gift that keeps on giving till the end

Your home is meant to be your safe haven, your sanctuary. The space and place that you treasure and love, hence the famous saying, “ There is no place like home.” Take a moment to think about that now. How many times have you felt the way that statement is meant to be?

Next, I want you to think about how your home all came to be and feel the way it does today. How did you choose to have it reflect so much of you and your family? You made an intentional decision to make it more of you, to tell your story. The look and feel of a home are one of the most important decisions you make because it comes from a heart of a desire to make the perfect space for you and your loved ones.

How your home is giving?

Now here is a secret you may not have known and yet it is so true. That personal creation experience carries on right through to when you are listing the house for sale. You see, up until it that point, your home has been giving you the space and place to create special family memories. Of course, it has been somewhat of a collaboration where you put in a little effort and the house continues to stand strong and increase in value. “Aging like fine wine”, as some may say.

You have heard it being said about a marathon, the last lap is the most important. It is also the lap that will need you to give your all to make sure that at the end of the day, YOU WIN. To be able to really win, however, your dear home will need just one more push from you to be able to stand out as the best seller and effortlessly command the best price. In case you are wondering what the marathon of the home looks like, I do mention a fair amount of how you manage your design expectations when you own a property.

“The perfect ending to any day, race or project is to FINISH STRONG.” – Gary Ryan Blair

How to Finish Strong

The first time you said yes to your home, it ticked the right boxes for you. It ticked so many of them that you immediately loved it and saw how it was the perfect place for you and your family. While you're still revisiting that moment, I want you to imagine recreating that perfect moment again so that when that potential buyer comes in to view the property, he/she is welcomed by that exact same feeling or even better.

You can achieve this by really doubling down on the overall look or presentation of the home. Presentation is a key element of selling your home, and therefore should be prioritised. Potential buyers are much more likely to take an interest in a home that is excellently styled and furnished than one that is not.

Because the truth is if you give them that emotional and psychological connection, the buyers will certainly trade carefully about making lowball offers. They will do their best to make sure that they offer a reasonable price or even more. There is also a high chance that there will be lots of offers made, ultimately leaving the decision to you to choose whose offer you will take.


Hopefully, by now you can see that a home has a full cycle that is constantly giving. When you first own it, you think of styling to stay in a way that reflects you or your family. And when the time comes to moving on, you should really try as best as you can to finish your own race strong by styling to sell. Pass on the baton to the next owner, with pride and a happy memory right till the end.

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Keep creating the home you love.