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Work(out) at Home

3 Tips to design the perfect Home Gym

There is no denying that our world has become a little different over the course of the last two years. COVID-19 has changed a lot of how we do things and especially where we do them. Our new “normal” includes a more distanced approach to nearly every part of daily activities. Incorporating our offices and careers, banking, childcare, education, and healthcare into our home environments has created a need to use our space wisely.

Design for the new normal

The pandemic has also been the driving force behind a huge shift to refocus on self-care; specifically in the area of exercise as people see the value of investing in a gym space at home. As you begin those New Year’s resolutions and start to envision your ultimate home gym experience, here are some tips for planning the perfect space.

Lay It Out:

We know that things shut down pretty quickly and everyone was forced to make do with the space they had for all of the things they needed. Now that the New Year is here, bringing with it more awareness and time, take the opportunity before you buy to figure out where things are going to go and how that will influence the function, style, and efficiency of the space.

You may find yourself being able to design within the structure of your home and can create a functional layout where all of the pieces in the room fit easily, work well together, and are aesthetically cohesive. Maybe your home needs a renovation to truly embrace the purpose of the space and you’ll be creating a look, floor plan, and design made specifically for a home gym.

Either way, understanding how the layout impacts the design, function, and motivation you have is essential to loving your home gym.

Look Good, Feel Good:

Because gyms are becoming so popular, there are a lot of technologies and finishes out there to choose from. The exercise industry has started to move toward easy-to-use machines that are engineered to last and beautifully designed, sometimes even working as a design element within your home.

Design elements work the same way. Choose flooring or a mat that will work to extend the lifetime of your exercise equipment and your space like rubber or cork. Wall mounts, beams, natural light, beverage fridges, fans, and fitness walls are highlights of the trends surrounding home gyms this year. Gather all the information, make a list of your preferences, and then lay it out.

Style Can Stay:

Whether your style is a modern farmhouse or contemporary minimalism, you don’t have to make your home gym look like the interior of Gold’s Gym. You can still incorporate a home gym while still keeping with the preferences of your style. Include exposed beams and brick walls for a rustic feel, add a pop of colour with an accent wall for a more vibrant effect, or implement some windowed exterior doors and white coloured walls for a more Scandinavian look. No matter your style or particular taste in architecture, home gyms can still carry that style.

So finally,...

As you begin to imagine a new you in the New Year, contact us so we can help keep those resolutions with a functional and fabulous home gym.

Until next time, keep creating the home you love.