• Comfort Smithson

Sell your Home in Style And For More Money

As a home seller, you have just seven seconds to make a great first impression on your buyers. In this guide, I explain how knowing the three key elements can help buyers move through those precious seven seconds to a successful sale.

Only a mere 10% of home buyers can actually visualise the potential of a home and most of these who can are property investors who will probably then try to use those faults to get a price reduction. It is therefore critical that you are made aware of those "price eroding" factors of your home, so that you can do the simple fixes that maximise returns.

Where to Start

Understandably, it can be really challenging to live in a home while it is on the market. There are so many questions around how best to maintain the house looking sale-ready and still have your everyday life go on. But this will be a blog post on its own.

For this particular article, I would like us to focus on the very first and critical areas that must be considered to achieve the highest chance of selling your property fast and for the highest possible value. These are three vital, but often overlooked, aspects are the entry points when you are presenting your home for sale. Each is equally important and has a unique purpose in helping buyers to decide if your home is ‘the one’ for them.

Your Why? It begins with you

Your reason for selling has to be big enough that you can see beyond the roadblocks that impede most home sellers. Without a 'why', you're in danger of stumbling over every important step you have to make to achieve the desired sale and this leads to falling short or your desired outcome.

It's important that your attention is laser-focused on the home presentation decisions that need to be made moment-by-moment as part of a planned and targeted approach

The Exterior. Prepare for the first 7 seconds

The outside of your home is the very first thing a buyer is going to see so it needs to be in tip-top shape. Therefore, you need to assess the state of your front garden and the exterior of your home. Your home's entrance needs to be presented for maximum impact on buyer behaviour.

Do you need to scour the yard for weeds? Are there any dead plants in view? Is there a board or two missing from your fence? Could the house use a new coat of paint? Is your driveway cracking? Do you have a shutter missing from a window? Would some flower pots enhance the front porch?

The interior: Take Your Home out of your house

While your house has served as your home for quite some time, once it’s goes on the market, your home needs to be removed from the house. What I mean by this is that you need to de-personalise your house.

Take down family pictures and other personal items, and replace them with neutral pieces. This will allow buyers to imagine their own life in the house and not see the life already existing within its walls.

Our homes are like our children, after living in them for so long we don’t always see all of the flaws. We get used to the way it looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Not to mention most home owners don't "style" homes everyday for a living. That’s what Certified professionals are for and that is where the greatest returns come in.


Styling to Sell, also known as Home Staging is best defined as the intersection of design and psychology. It is a blend of interior design, psychology, sales, and intrinsic knowledge of Photography to create a staged home that works effectively to attract buyers both in person and when they first see the listing online.

Most staged/styled homes end up selling for the listing price or close to it – sometimes even above it. A staged home has a higher perceived value, so you can also list the home for what it’s truly worth. A non-staged or styled home will look like it needs more work, which often leads to deductions for repairs and the like so buyers have room to make improvements.

So the question, I would like to leave you with, How do you want to sell your property?

Here is a more detailed a step by step guide where I go into a little more detail into Preparing your Home to Sell, “Destined to Sell Guide”.