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Home design trends for 2022?! Consider this first!

Home interior design trends 2021

Design trends are not the best way to design homes.

I understand why you might think that they are. As we head into the new year, you are going to see so much information (if you have seen them already) about the Trends for 2022 in almost every part of our lives.

Of course our homes are not an exception to this. And this happens at the end of every year. There is a new article or anticipation of what you should do in the next new year to keep up and fit in with the times or trends in this case.

But let me ask you, does everyone who implements these design trends feel they have created a beautiful comfortable home?

Can everyone afford to do that new trendy furniture or accessory? And if they can afford it this year, can they afford to keep changing one every single year because the trends say that is what should be done in the new year?

No, they don't. To be honest, how much change can your home take in year after year. Unless you are replacing as much as you're bringing in, it's simply not possible to keep up with.

So what should you really consider?

How about starting with reviving and refreshing what you already have?

As you become more and more fixated on the expectations of others and trends. It starts to become more and more difficult for you to make decisions and create an environment that is comfortable, practical, and unique to you and your family.

And yet, we are surrounded by some of the most important items and elements that have particular meaning to us. Your furnishings, collections, and accessories - a unique combination that holds precious items that define your journey so far.

These very pieces should always be considered first as the beginning of the solution to achieving that dream home. By doing this, you immediately start the process with an advantage.

In the words of Marie Kondo, the best way to choose what to keep and what to part with is to take each item in your hand and ask yourself: "Does this spark joy?"

So, how do you gain that refresh and/or revive what you have? Well, since you are currently home with a little more chill time, take a moment to just stop and look at your home again, room by room if you want. You will start to notice the things that you barely use or something that is a little out of place. And that is where you start.


Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought. If you would like to review this process, I’ve written a guide with more steps on how to get started with Refreshing your home using what you already have. Click the here to read more about it.

Until next time, keep creating the home you love with what you already have.