• Patricia Opio

Breathe! Just Breathe!

The Truth About 31 Homes, Staging and Styling.

2022 has started in high gear and we are embracing it like no mans business considering that we have been holding our breath the past couple of years. We have literally been waiting to exhale…But here we are introducing to you a breath of fresh air - 31 Homes, Staging and Styling…so who or what is 31 Homes Staging and Styling?

Who we are?

We are an interior design firm that helps young professionals and young families (like you), refresh their homes using mostly what they already have. We understand what it means to want to design your home in such a way that reflects you but there are so many questions- how exactly do I do this, goodness what colour theme is right and really, really do I need that furniture…. well, we get the confusion out of the questions and answer them for you in a way right for you because you know design is all a reflection of who you are. And that is what 31 Homes is all about- showcasing the you in your home.

But I know you are asking how do we do this?

How we do what we do!

Well, we offer the 2R- Revive and Refresh design approach that is guaranteed to solve whatever design problem you have. This is a warm, minimalist, timeless design approach, that is also gracefully efficient, functional and full of unique little surprise details to fix any design problems in any home. We believe your home should be a true reflection of who you are.

It starts with what you have

We believe it starts from what you have. That is really the foundation. You already have some kind of design knowledge. You chose your curtains, you went out and probably walked through various stores, just to pick the sofa that was right for your home. What about that artwork that you painstakingly went back and forth on because it spoke to you? We do not get rid of these things- there is a part of you in them. We work with whatever you already have in your home and throw in some salt, sugar and all and create something new, no not new, something unique with what is already there. So, you take your familiar into your new design, just in a different way. No need to discard the old for the new.

3 distinctive services

We offer three distinct services under our 2R design service which are Styling to stay, styling to sell and VIP days.

  • Styling to stay is all about starting with what you already have in your home. We take note of your furniture, curtains, the artwork basically everything and then we create a design that works just right for you and your family at a budget right for you. As you can see, it is all about you coz you deserve to be in a home that you love and reflects your personality.

  • Styling to sell- You might be in a new season, moving to a new home but you want to spruce up your home for the next homeowner. You invested a lot in your home and you want to get the most out of it. And you know what- it doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. Well, this service provides you with a Home Staging plan that will get your home ready to sell and clients wanting to buy.

  • VIP Design Days- This is a day designed just for you. Yes you have read that right! Just for you!! You get to spend a whole day with a design expert to solve your home design problems in the comfort of your home, relaxed, probably sipping a cuppa on your favourite chair. It is the VIP treatment! Just as easy as saying 1 2 3.

At the end of it all, remember

The season has been hard…scratch that the past two years have been hard. You have been cooped up at home, a place that really is supposed to be your sanctuary. I know you want that. We want that for you as well. 31 Homes is about letting you breathe through your design challenges. It is time to give ourselves permission to breathe, permission to be. Let’s navigate through it all and not wait to exhale.

Breathe, just breathe!

Until next time, keep creating the home you love.

P. S Whenever you're ready but you're not quite sure which of the services you would prefer or just need some clarification on what you have in mind. Please feel free to book a no-obligation FREE discovery call with me. I'm happy to help in anyway. Just click the link Here.