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Every successful property sale begins with effective planning and preparation

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Sell your home with confidence...

Are you beginning to grow tired of your home and need to move?

Looking for a fresh start in a brand-new home but struggling to sell your current home?

Let's be honest

Selling your home can often be incredibly difficult, in particular for homeowners that have lived in their home for years. Not only can it be quite emotionally draining to sell the home you have spent so much of your life in, but it can also require a huge amount of time and effort.

Hard as it might be, how you present your property plays the biggest role in how fast and how much you sell it. 

Potential buyers are much more likely to take an interest in a home that is excellently styled and furnished than one that is not. Only a mere 10% of home buyers can actually visualise the potential of a home and most of those who can are property investors who will probably then try to use those faults to get a price reduction. 

Our homes are like our children, after living in them for so long we don’t always see all of the flaws. We get used to the way it looks and in fact, it is difficult emotionally to change it. And if you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively.

Here is the good news though, with the right approach, selling your home can be a relatively straightforward, and even enjoyable process. Homeowners, like yourself, deserve to get the most out of a property that they have invested so much in already. You also have dreams and visions of what your future should look like.

​It all begins with effective planning and preparation.

With a strategic vision and consulting approach, together, we will have potential buyers making the best offers for your property.

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What you need is the best plan of action

to go from this

to this


I don’t know where to start. 

My house won’t sell fast enough and yet we need to be moving soon and 


My house is too ugly to sell

Unpacking any barriers, then focusing on working with your existing furniture to make the process as cost effective as possible, where necessary, add accessories to create the 'wow' factor.

Being clear on your direction and priority tasks to get the sale started.

Clearly identifying what’s unique about your property and the items that you already have. Then, Stepping  into the property strengths 

and so many more possibilities ...



Whether you’re getting ready to make your next big move, grappling with a complex decision, or simply looking for support as you plan your home sale — I can help.

Investing in the presentation of your home prior to selling is a proven way to achieve a faster sale and maximise your sale price.

Working with me will be an investment in yourself, in your future, and your happiness. The goal of my services is to take the stress out of selling by ensuring your home is looking its absolute best before it hits the market. My aim is to help you achieve a quick sale at the highest possible price. Why not give yourself that opportunity? 

When we work together, I’ll help you find your unique style, and create a space where buyers  will feel comfortable and inspired.

What others have to say...


Jacqueline B Shaw

Working with Comfort personally has been a true joy. She is what I like to call an understated superpower. You may expect just a girl because of her youthful looks and huge smile but as you talk with her she humbled you with her intelligence, passion and infectious energy. She is a go-getter a visionary who sees an idea through from start to finish regardless of the challenges life and business can throw at you.

Styling to Sell
design service

2hr Initial Walkthrough

Consultation only


What is involved:

  • I will research similar properties to yours, and make suggestions based on current market activity.

  • Set goals and design an action plan to work towards.

  • Review and make suggestions of cost-effective home styling solutions using what you already have

  • Recommendations and suggestions for photography that will make your property stand out right from the online listing.

You will receive a clear Home Staging Action plan to get you started immediately.


Should you require further assistance, we can arrange this as follow on service.

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Still not Sure?

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Why not book a free, no obligation, tailored discovery call with me so we can find out what we can do for you.

I understand that sometimes it’s a difficult decision to make the investment.

I won’t give you the hard sell. I’m here to help.  You can book a call straight into my diary using the link below.